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Michelle Wallace is a writer and speaker in the Dallas area.
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    A New Song

    Kevin Weable, who is with Go.Be.Hope, an organization that actively seeks orphanages to help, told me a story that happened during an expedition to Haiti. Kevin and a group of men had traveled to Haiti to discover where they could partner in orphan care. The trip......

  • Learning to Love - Hand of the King - Michelle Wallace

    Learning to Love

    Does anyone else struggle in relationships or is it just me? I already know the answer. Unless you’re on a deserted island, there’s struggle. Even there it’s possible, as portrayed by Tom Hank’s character in Cast Away, struggling with his friend, Wilson, the volleyball. We......

  • Love Does - Hand of the King - Michelle Wallace

    Love Does

    What would you do if you were no longer afraid? I’m asking myself this question. God planted gifts, great treasure on the inside of us. What would it mean for me to fully lean into the life worthy of the call? If you’re a believer......