Hand of the King | Michelle Wallace - Hand of the King
Michelle Wallace is a writer and speaker in the Dallas area.
Speaker, Dallas, Michelle Wallace, Fruit of the Vine, Hand of the King
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Latest Articles
  • What's in a Name

    What’s in a Name

    When I was a little girl, two tornados swept through our town. What began as a nice sunny day quickly turned, as ominous black clouds formed on the horizon. My mom was at the grocery store and my dad was taking a shower. As the......

  • Divine Connection - Michelle Wallace - Hand of the King

    Divine Connections

    Mark and his daughter traveled from Dallas to Liberia to dig a well with The Last Well, an organization devoted to bring clean drinking water to that entire region. After the well was dug, Mark’s daughter took notice that none of the children in the......

  • joanna_large

    Dreams Fulfilled

    There’s a show on Home and Garden Television featuring a couple who takes the worst houses and turns them into some of the most warm and beautiful homes. If you’re into that sort of thing at all, you’ve heard of Chip and Joanna Gaines and......

  • Be Still

    Be Still

    A song inspired this story. I remember very little of what was said last Sunday in church; but I remember the words of this song which spoke volumes to me. Hopefully my pastor won’t read anything I’ve just written.   Anyway, the name of the......